The Network adapts its service model to meet the needs of individual housing co-operatives and non-profits.  The Network’s services include on-site and off-site staff to ensure that members, tenants, visitors and trades receive personal service.  The number of on-site staff hours is up to you!

The Network serves its clients based on the following core management standards.

  • Managing the Finances
    • Budgeting and financial planning
    • Housing charge/rent collection
    • Accounts receivable
    • Accounts payable
    • Comprehensive financial accounting and reporting package
    • Audit preparation
    • Arrears management
    • Reinforcing prompt payment messaging
    • Managing an active collections program
    • Preparing arrears notices
    • Providing timely arrears reporting to the board
    • Issuing notices to appear
    • Issuing notices for Landlord and Tenant board
    • Understanding and implementing the management of evictions/expulsions in both Nova Scotia and Ontario
  • Meeting your Legal requirements
    • Subsidy administration
    • Assessing by-laws and policies and developing amendments as required
    • Maintaining a comprehensive filing system
    • Maintaining all corporate documents
    • Meeting corporate and program reporting requirements
    • Managing internal and external correspondence
    • Ensuring adherence to legislation
    • Managing document archives
  • Keeping your property in Good Repair
    • Work order administration
    • Reactive repairs response
    • Emergency repairs response
    • Co-ordination of building condition audits and capital reserve forecasting
    • Developing a preventative maintenance program
    • Implementing a comprehensive inspection program
    • Developing an energy retrofit management program
  • Keeping your units full
    • Processing applications
    • Managing the waiting list
    • Arranging interviews and unit showings
    • Co-ordinating unit readiness
    • Administering membership/tenancy documentation
    • Credit and landlord checks
  • Supporting good governance
    • Providing the board with information needed to make good decisions
    • Assisting with the planning of and preparation for board meetings
    • Ensuring minutes are taken and circulated promptly
    • Assisting with orientation of new directors and identifying training opportunities
    • Helping to organize annual planning sessions
    • Ensuring good two-way communication between the board and members/tenants
    • Helping to organize and prepare the members/tenants for meetings
    • Providing advice to the board and membership/tenants on their respective governance roles

The Network also provides specialized services to co-op’s or non-profits in need or at-risk.  Sometimes, properties need just a little extra help.  Our supervisory management model provides a complete turn-around package to assist in stabilizing your co-op or non-profit.  This model is usually short-term and quite intense.  The Network will:

  • Propose a multiple-party agreement between the Network, the Corporation and a regulatory agency if required
  • Complete a comprehensive review of management and governance outcomes and processes and report back to the board and/or regulator with recommendations

This specialized service can stand alone or be incorporated with our core management services. In other words, if the Corporation has its own management, the Network will work with your staff.  If you don’t, the Network can provide staff to meet the needs of the Corporations day-to-day management requirements.

Our Accessible Customer Service Plan is available upon request.